Ans d 30 ans c 31 ans b 32 ans a 33 ans a 34

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Unformatted text preview: ns = d 28. Ans = c 29. Ans = d 30. Ans = c 31. Ans = b 32. Ans = a 33. Ans = a 34. Ans = d 35. Ans = e this is because Hb will not act cooperatively, but will act like a weak O2 binding non-cooperative enzyme – ie. the hyperbolic curve for the T-state 36. Ans = E 37. Ans = B 38. Ans = B 39. ANS = B This is TRUE ; Others false . 40. ANS = C An increase in BPG stabilized the T-State O2 sat curve drops down (shifts to left) 41. ANS = C Only Hb affected as Mb has only one subunit so does not feel allosteric effects. CO2 is a heterotropic allosteric inhibitor of Hb- which means that is decreases its...
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