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Damon Barnett March 5, 2008 SISJE 369 Paper #2 Reformation in New Societies The twentieth century was plagued by the presence of the Nazi regime in Europe and responsibility of the Allied forces to help the Holocaust survivors find refuge. After the war many Jewish families could not go back to their homes because they had been destroyed in the war, and others simply wanted to move away from the place they associated with death and despair. Jews in the mid-twentieth-century moved predominately, to Israel and the United States. As we can see in the films: “Land of Promise,” “Exodus,” “Sallah Shabbati,” “The Pawnbroker” and “Zelig,” Jews were beginning new lives and moving past acculturation and becoming natives of Israel and The United States, but assimilation and acceptance came only with great struggle. As World War II came to an end, a growing problem emerged from the lack of effort given to the assistance of the Holocaust survivors. Some Jews were able to leave and go back to their homes, but some did not have homes after the war and needed a new means of living. They were temporarily put in “displaced person” camps, until they were eventually given stake in parts of Israel. The Jews moved to Israel in waves of “Aliyah” (Jews who return to their homeland). The return to Israel can be seen in some of the films we screened in class. The film, “Exodus” shows a Hollywood version of the group of Jews that arrived to Palestine only to be turned away. The Hollywood version champions the “story of people fleeing
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despair and triumphing” (Lecture 2/21). This film shows the struggle of the Jews to make it into a new society that is rejecting them. The British are unwilling at first to give the
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Paper 2 - Damon Barnett March 5, 2008 SISJE 369 Paper #2...

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