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Damon Barnett 0528253 April 3, 2008 Tintern Alley Response William Wordsworths, “Tintern Abbey,” sets up a tranquil pastoral setting that gives the reader an insight to the scenic landscape of Tintern Abbey in July . The first stanza sets up the setting to the rest of the poem . The first line starts out saying that five years have passed since he has been to the abbey . He is talking about the landscape of the area and it seems like he is very familiar with the abbey . He goes on to talk about the waters and the springs . He talks about how he is back to the abbey and he sees the cliffs again . He says that the landscape brings on thoughts of even deeper seclusion . The area itself seems to be pretty secluded . He comments that the area is quiet. He continues on to talk about how he once again rests under a tree that he rested under before . And he once again looks at the orchards and other trees in the area . He says he sees a green landscape, and supportive wooden frames . He calls the farms, pastoral, and says that they are green
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