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Megan Carpenter March 3, 2008 Chapter Focus: Poetry as Prayer Francis the Poet The thing that jumped out the most in my mind from the chapter is that when after the Stigmata, Francis wrote the “Praise of God” (pg. 37-39). It almost paradoxical due to the fact that he just spend his life reforming the way he thought and rejoicing for God, but then only to get to feel his pain? It was very awkward for me to read, because if someone, whom I have high regards of, just hurt me after all of that, I would be very confused and lost in my belief in them. But to see Francis come back and write that was mind-blowing to me.
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Unformatted text preview: • “Tell me, where does Lady Poverty life, where does she eat, where does she lie at midday, for I am faint with love for her?” This was the when Francis meets two older men and asks them where he can find love. This story was very appealing to me, how his genuine spirit shows through. Especially when Lady Poverty asks where his cloister is, and he exclaims the whole world, this was very moving to me. I especially liked how the story ended as written by Paradiose, “ In plain words, take Francis, now, and Poverty to be the lovers in the story I have told.” •...
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