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Megan Carpenter February 25, 2008 Chapter Focus: St. Francis and the Foolishness of God In the opening story by Mark, (10: 17-24) Jesus yells at his disciples now hard the wealthy is to open the doors to the poor. With today’s standards, we are all wealthy with opportunities, education and money. We all fall victims to not be able t relinquish control and have faith in a higher power that knows the best for us. One can almost feel the power that Francis felt when he gave up his status and money, like and invisible weight lifted off his shoulders. I thought it was interesting when Francis relinquished his former life meant a stronger bond to those of the less fortunate. How by breaking from his former life brings him closer to God’s gifts in heaven. It’s almost identical to the situations we all face in life, when we have opportunities to better our life, but by not accepting some accepts we get the greater gifts to let someone else get that opportunity. I felt as if the author kept trying to highlight that fact that Francis broke away
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