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The Hearing World Around Me

The Hearing World Around Me - energetic style and it was...

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Agustin Gonzalez Korpics ASL 1 03/25/08 The Hearing World Around Me This was another interesting movie. It was the life story of Trix Bruce, a famous deaf actor from Seattle Washington, from her own point of view. Bruce has been deaf since she was six months old. Growing up, she had a wide variety of school settings: she attended an oral school, a public school with mainstream classes for only deaf students, and even online courses. It was interesting to hear her amazing life story from her own point of view. In this movie, she explains every aspect of her adult life, and the hardships she experienced growing up. She really made me realize how hard life is as a deaf person growing up in a hearing world, much less an deaf actor trying to make it big! I really enjoyed her
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Unformatted text preview: energetic style, and it was easy to tell that she had so much pride in who she was and the accomplishments that she has done. In the movie, she says ““Let me tell you what it is like to be a deaf person among the hearing. I will show with you my most embarrassing moments, learning experiences, greatest challenges and growing sense of pride. Through these stories you will see how deaf culture has colored my life and maybe discover that we have more in common than we think, Welcome to my world!” She does a great job of showing us her world: the world of a deaf person among the hearing. With her wittiness, sense of humor, and energetic style, she captivated me and enabled me to enjoy this movie....
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