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2081 Recitation #2: 1. Hydrogen bonds form because the partial electric charges on polar molecules attract each other. Covalent bonds form because of the electrical attractions between electrons and protons. Covalent bonds are much stronger than hydrogen bonds. Explain why in terms of the electrical attractions involved. 2. In lab, you try burning marshmallows to estimate their caloric content. a. If a large marshmallow, when burned completely, raises the temperature of 1L of water 40 degrees, what is the approximately caloric content measured in nutritional calories (kcal or Cal)? 3. How many calories would be required to raise 500g of water 3 degrees? 4. What property of water makes it useful as the principal ingredient in automobile
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Unformatted text preview: radiator coolants? 5. As the pH of the blood rises, the concentration of which of the following will increase? a. H + b. OH-c. CO 2 d. H 2 CO 3 e. HCO 3-f. H 2 O 6. Acid precipitation has lowered the pH of a particular lake to 4.0. What is the hydrogen ion concentration of the lake? a. 4% b. 10 4 M c. 4.0 M d. 10-10 M e. 10-4 M The following questions refer this chemical construct: d a c H C – C – N O=S b OH 7. Is the valence shell of the nitrogen full? 8. The bond between oxygen and hydrogen is part of which of oxygen’s shells (1,2,3)? 9. How many other bonds can Hydrogen B from?...
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