Note that were only doing a few computations in each

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Unformatted text preview: (Note that we're only doing a few computations.) IN EACH CELL SHOW THE FORMULA AND THE NUMBERS YOU ARE USING. BY EXCEL VERSION WE MEAN THE DEFINITION AS SPECIFIED IN CLASS OF WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FIRST 2 CELLS. Period sales = y Formula: Fill in: St = 0.2yt-1 + 0.8St-1 t t 1 2 3 4 4/23/12 3. page 2 Using Excel to perform Exponential Smoothing: a. 4. hw.forecasting.doc Copy the sales data shown that is - the sales column in the table below or type the values (if you have a pdf file) into Excel, including the headings as shown below. Thus we're using totally different data for this example using Excel to do the ES. When you get results from one of the 4 runs, fill in the appropriate column of the table I've shown below (with headings alpha 0.2, alpha 0.9, 3-term MA, and 5-term MA). Once you fill in the values, your table should look like the table I've provided below but without the blank cells. b. Use Excel to perform exponential smoothing . c. Click on Tools, Data Analysis, Exponential Smoothing 1. If you don't see the choice "Data Analysis", double-click on Tools to expand the menu choices and see if the choice Data Analysis is now present. 2. If still not present, you need to install the Data Analysis ToolPak. Click on Tools, then click on AddIns, then click in the checkbox for Analysis ToolPak, and click OK. After a few seconds the Add-In will be loaded. This need only be done once. d. Click in the Input Range and then Highlight the original Sales data including the headings. e. Fill in the damping factor. NOTE: the damping factor in Excel is 1-α, not α. Thus in Excel you don't enter the desired α, but rather you enter the damping factor which is the same as what we call 1-α. f. Since we have a heading for the data in Excel, click the check box "Label" g. Click in the output range and click on the worksheet where you want the f...
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