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Week 2 Discussion 2
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Week 2 Discussion 2 "Policy Arguments" Please respond to the following: From the case study, Case 8.1, use the argument mapping procedures presented in the chapter and provide two pros and two cons (or strengths and weaknesses) of the recommendation that the United States should NOT intervene in the Balkans. Pros (strengths) The United States has no strategic interest in the Balkans. No Peace, no peace dividend. Unless the West can impose the view that ethnic purity can no longer be the basis for national sovereignty, the endless national war will replace the Cold War. In the United States, the Bush Administration had decided not to become militarily involved in Balkan conflicts. The U.S. had fought the Gulf War in 1991 and coming off that war the Bush Administration was of the opinion that conflicts in the Balkans should be settled by the powers in Europe, and it was encouraged in this decision by European powers agreeing that it should be they who intervened in the Balkans rather than the
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