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Use the Internet to research the operations strategy of a company of your choice. Be prepared to discuss. From the e-Activity, discuss ways the company you researched could become more competitive by modifying its operations strategy (with a focus on improving its productivity). Provide specific examples to support your response I researched Apple, which makes and sells computers, phones, mp3 players and other technology devices. The secret to the success of Apple is that it is operational , where core brand principles shape the Apple culture and drive the business. Apple is a classic example of the brand goes in before the brand goes on . At Apple, the brand is a systematic and integrated method to create value . It’s a method, not a message. The makers of Apple put themselves into the shoes of their customers and ask what the customers want and try to make just that. Tim Cook said it best: “We believe that we’re on the face of the earth to make great products . . . in markets where we can make a significant contribution.” Making great products is the single most important thing the Tim cook and the other
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