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Anthropology Notes - Industrialized societies often...

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Industrialized societies often perceive women as subservient to men Men are often portrayed or perceived as aggressive and women as passive. -As seen in the Thriller video Gender Roles- Dichotomy Men Women Aggressive Passive Earners (make money) Spenders/Consumers Rational Emotional/Desireable/Attractive Emily Martin -The Egg & The Sperm -The reality of human reproduction is not so easily divided into a male/female aggressive/passive dichotomy The sperm has very little forward motility. The sperm cannot penetrate into the egg. The egg has a protein “key” which grabs a sperm, locks onto it and pulls the sperm in. This “grabbing” by the egg allows conception to occur. We as a society, have mistakenly assumed that our sex cells imitate the gender roles we have given ourselves. The Little Mermaid “Good” girl- Ariel “Bad” girl- Ursula Bad woman- older6, mature, single, wants power, (fat) Good woman- young, thin, pretty, wants a man In the late 1700’s in European society larger women were considered more desirable. Industrialization of mass-produced sugars and fats -These things were cheap! -The lower classes could now gain weight. -European upper-class society embraced “Thin-ness” as a sign of wealth and good “breeding.” Women who were “good” were now supposed to be thin. Medern “Race” concepts developed in the colonial period 1500A.D. Europeans began to develop a system which attempted to justify the colonization of others Shem- “Close to God” Ancestors of the Middle East. Semites/Middle East Ham- “Dark” “Hot” With/darker skinned people Japheth- “Beautiful” associated with Europeans Many Europeans at this time justified enslaving people by claiming they were “Hammites” The concept that non-europeans were inferior became the dominant view of colonizers in the 1500’s The non-european was innately different. -Inferior intellectually and spiritually
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-Skin color was an outward manifestation of this difference! In the 1800’s we have “scientific revolution.” People now favor scientific explanations over religious ones. By the mid-1800’s most “race” scientists are in support of a belief that Europeans are a superior race. Many religious groups at this time are now against slavery Paul Broca- French- Establishes the anthropological society of Paris in 1860. He claims blacks are innately inferior to Europeans. Broca conducts a comparison of forearms between racial groups Science predominantly supports racial inequality at this time In the early 20 th century social scientist and others tried to use IQ test as “proof” that whites were superior. IQ tests have historically been culture bias/bound Clines- refer to a particular genetic variable found in a population in one region or geographic area. Clines are not “bundled” around the world into racial groups. There are no race genes- there are no
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Anthropology Notes - Industrialized societies often...

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