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ling 101 2-25-08

ling 101 2-25-08 - What’s similar Constraints on...

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Ling 101 Nurture What is nature/origin of human knowledge – histomology. Babies already hear by 3 months (in pregnancy). Babies register when mother switches from one language to another. Nature Learning environment has influenced by have pre-programmed knowledge. Ultimately your view of how people are your view of nature vs. nurture. 1. Universal – something that is true of all things. a. Ex. Languages Differences strike us first and its hard to see the similarities.
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Unformatted text preview: What’s similar? Constraints on variation = principals and parameters Principals – universal Parameters – points of choice Only certain choices Seem to hold Language acquisition – see interplay b/w nature/nurture-no specific language is completely innate-if so, child would know language without input some bizarre times where children grow up w/o parental nurture and language input....
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