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0 107 toward a gold target the nuc leus of a gold

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Unformatted text preview: figures. ANSWER: = 4.8× 105 Correct Problem 9.59 A 8.0 bullet is fired into a 11 embedded, s lides 5.0 wood bloc k that is at res t on a wood table. The bloc k , with the bullet ac ros s the table. The c oeffic ient of k inetic fric tion for wood s liding on wood is 0.20. Part A What was the s peed of the bullet? Express your answer using two significant figures. ANSWER: 610 Correct Problem 9.57 Two ic e s k aters , with mas s es of 30 and 65 , are at the c enter of a 30 - diameter c irc ular rink . The s k a...
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