52 part a the c ars of a long c oal train are filled

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Unformatted text preview: what is the av erage forc e that the engine mus t ex ert on the c oal train to k eep it mov ing under the hopper at a s peed of 0.50 ? Express your answer using two significant figures. ANSWER: 5000 Correct Problem 9.62 Two 500 bloc k s of wood are 2.0 apart on a fric tionles s table. A 10 bullet is fired at 400 toward the bloc k s . It pas s es all the way through the firs t bloc k , then embeds its elf in the s ec ond bloc k . The s peed of the firs t bloc k immediately afterward is 6.0 . Part A What is the s peed of the s...
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