Political Science 116- Lectures 16-25

Political Science 116- Lectures 16-25 - 15 How do dictators...

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15) How do dictators survive? Dictators survive in office by: Paying off a loyal core of supporters whose support is required to rule ( winning coalition ) If coalition is small, dictator will use private goods, if big=public Once supporters feel secure, dictatorship can survive ( loyalty norm ) Dividing and conquering opposition (structuring the conflict) Hard to stay in office early, but once they make it past transition period it is easy because supporters will be included and loyal Democracies-opposite because everyone is able to take advantage of public goods Dictators only pay off supporters, they brutally repress opposition Democracies have to payoff all society Torture/Violence greatest in dictatorships with political parties when power is divided Selectorate coopt/encapsulate- to pull in a certain group into the winning coalition 17) Will economic development lead to the democrazation of China? 18) Is democracy always better than dictatorship? Principal Agent Model- Politics of Visibility drive politicians Under democracy politicians will choose to devout their effort to issues that are highly visible even if they are not important This creates a Trade off from democracy- increases incentive to supply effort, decreases effort supplied to important issues Some dictators may choose to expand efforts on less visible issues long term issues However, visibility may be a function of political regime, democracy leads to transparency 19) How do communities and institutions shape each other? Sawyer- key charteristic is Cuban racial crisis is inclusionary discrimination
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Political Science 116- Lectures 16-25 - 15 How do dictators...

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