Linguistics 101 3-24-08

Linguistics 101 3-24-08 - (I.e. preceding proto-world)...

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Linguistics 101 3-25-08 Pidgin and new languages The Splitting Model – - The hunter-gatherer life style - Step one: Bands/Tribes splitting up - Step two: languages change Language Families - When step one and two repeat themselves you get a: o Language Family - Similarities are precise - Indo-European Family of languages - Proto-Indo European – much earlier in time Indo-European Latin, Germanic, Greek, Slavic Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Russian Polish Comparative Reconstruction - Sometimes the ancestor language of a (sub-)family is preserved (e.g. Latin, Sanskrit) - Often not e.g. Germanic, or Indo-European - By comparing the descendent languages we can reconstruct the ancestor: proto-X (e.g. Proto-Germanic) Proto-World - Can it be shown that all languages spoken today or in the past descent from one language (“proto-world”)? - There is controversy about that Do no confuse… - Proto-X – a reconstructed ancestor NOT – proto-language – PL (Bickerton’s hypothesized predecessor of human language
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Unformatted text preview: (I.e. preceding proto-world) Language Death -Certain descendants do not have offspring-Languages that are no longer acquired are pronounced dead-Of the 7000 languages spoken today 90% may be dead by the year 2100 Globalization-English is a global language-It fracture into dialects-It is unlikely that these dialects will develop into separate languages Conclusions -We used to get new languages due to-Splitting hunter/gatherer-Merging colonialism, miration-Now we only loose languages due to globalization A Pidgin Language- A mix of different languages- No real Grammar- No ones mother tongue A Creole Language- What children do to a pidgin- The make it mother tongue The argument for Innateness-How do children convert something that is not a language into a language-How do they know what a language is supposed to look like-The structure of the language is built in...
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Linguistics 101 3-24-08 - (I.e. preceding proto-world)...

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