Linguistics 101 3-26-08

Linguistics 101 3-26-08 - language-Broca’s – language...

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Linguistics 101 3-26-08 Sign Language Misunderstandings – There is NO universal sign language for deaf people. - Have sign languages been consciously designed by people? Emerged spontaneously. Sign languages are not based on spoken languages. ASL grammar not based on written grammar Sign languages are a form of gesturing or pantomime-- NO – they are iconic sign Are sign languages primitive languages? No ALL answers are NO Summary – - sign languages are full-blown human languages with all the relevant properties Sign language and Innateness hypothesis - Deaf child has vocal babbling - Then they babble with hand - Go through same stages - Brain centers for sign language and spoken languages are the same - Wernicks – if you fuck this up – perception difficulty – understanding sign
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Unformatted text preview: language-Broca’s – language diffculty producing sign language-Acquisitional stages are the same-The brain does not prefer one over the other.-Speech is manifestation of language Delayed Acquisition of Sign language chapter 16-often deaf children do not get exposed to SL until several years after birth-this provides a test for the critical period hypothesis-Finding: fluency declines with later exposure MOVIE – 1980 – Nicaraguan revolution-Children communicated with each other in their own way. -Languages needs trigger – community to share communication with each other.-syntax constraints on language that all human beings share- allow us to communicate truly a languages...
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Linguistics 101 3-26-08 - language-Broca’s – language...

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