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Outline - Worst impact on Japan(primary oil importing...

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1) Historical Background 2) Effect that Iraqui invasion on Kuwatit initially had on world markets-SHORT TERM Overall Effect on Stock Market(by Region) Oil Importing Oil Producing Price of Dollar Price of Gold Intrest Rates DOLLAR ROSE INCREASE IN PRICE OF GOLD STOCK MARKET DECREASE Possible other topics Intrest rates Slow growth rates because of oil prices (reduction of spending power) Fear of high inflation Effect on world stock markets
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Unformatted text preview: Worst impact on Japan (primary oil importing countries) Good impact on oil producing countries (other than Kuwait) 3) Major players of the war and the effect it had on their economies afterwards- LONG TERM Iraq Kuwait USA The paper will explore the effects that the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait had on world markets in both the short and long term. It will use macroeconomic analysis to do so....
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