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Psych 132 3-3-08

Psych 132 3-3-08 - Psych 132 For Exam#2(Wednesday April 2...

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Psych 132 3/3/08 For Exam #2 (Wednesday April 2 nd ) Read chapter 2 (methodology) Chapter 3 (all of chapter) Chapter 6 (consciousness, drugs, and sleep) Parts of Chapter 11 hormones and behavior) First read rest if chapter 3 3/3/08 1.) Environmental demands 2.) Genetic Variation BOTH GO TO Natural Selection, evolution of adaptive traits and once in awhile new species You Genetics - Genes – the basic units of heredity – sequence of nucleotide codes for building proteins i. Genotype: The specific genetic makeup of an individual organism, specific complement of genes (genes for blue eyes, brown eyes) - Phenotype: the physical expression of features in an organism results from the interaction of its genotype with the environment (actual color of eyes) Genes are found on chromosomes - Chromosomes are double-stranded DNA molecules - Each chromosome contain thousands of genes - Humans have 23 pairs (one pair from each parent) - Genes are molecular code for specific proteins. Composed of sequence of
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