Psych 132 3-5-08

Psych 132 3-5-08 - Primates appear – 60 million years...

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Genes are the basic unit of heredity = long sequences of nucleotides coding for the existing… Proteins are organic molecules composed of a sequence of amino acids that exist in biological tissues. Chemicals adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine are nucleotide compoenents of DNA molecules The genetic material that determines the sex of a human is contained on 23 chromosome pairs. 3/5/08 -A species is a reproductively isolated breeding population (can’t produce viable offspring) -More than 95% of all species that have ever liv ed are now extinct - your specie is homo sapien sapiens - you are descended from homo erectus Billions (B) of years ago - Earth cools ~ 4.6 B - DNA-like molecules make proteins ~ 4.0 B - Single-membrane bound cells form ~ 3.6 B Several 100 Million (M) years ago - Fish appear in the oceans ~ 500M - Reptiles ~ 300 M - Dinosaurs ~ 230 M - Dinosaurs ~ 60 M
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Unformatted text preview: Primates appear – 60 million years ago-Austalopithecus appears in Africa 4-6 million-Homo erectus makes fires in Africa 1-2 million-Homo neanderthalensis appears in Eurasia ~ 300,000-Homo sapiens speak in Africa ~ 100,000-300,000 Last ice age begins ~ 70,000 years ago-Neanderthals disappear from Europe ~ 30,000-50,000-Cro-Magnon (homo sapiens) paints caves in Europe ~ 30,000 Last ice age end ~ 15,000 years ago-Humans inhabit six continents ~ 12,000- Humans develop farming ~ 10,000- Humans develop writing ~ 6,000- Darwin writes “Origin of Species” ~150 Human evolution tied not to more genes, but to how genes produce proteins particularly related to development of neocortex (last 10-20 years) Chromosomes have DNA; Nucleotide sequences on DNA code for making RNA that can be used to translate proteins....
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Psych 132 3-5-08 - Primates appear – 60 million years...

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