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PS101/Hofmann Outline for Midterm (I): Discussion I. (9/11/07) Use a Survey a. See notebook for examples II. Correlation III. Father of Psych a. Wundt : Structuralism b. William James : functionalism i. Used metaphors to explain things ii.Attention is like a spotlight c. Watson : behaviorist- stimulus response type falsifiable IV. (9/18/07) Reflex a. Something that notices a signal or attention V. Peripheral a. Somatic : muscle, skeletomuscular system b. Autonomic : sympathetic (flee/fight) and parasympathetic (store energy) VI. See notebook for drawing, diagram, etc. VII. (9/25/07) Developmental Psychology a. Gender Identity : how do you identify gender and do we learn from society b. Watched a video on cognitative model and longitude observation (7
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Unformatted text preview: yrs series) VIII. (10/2/07) Photoreceptors a. Rods: black and white, low acuity, peripheral, don not need a lot of light b. Cones: central, need lots of light, color, high acuity, forea IX. Ganglion Cells a. Axons form optic nerve b. Exits eye through blind spot X. Trichromatic theory of color vision a. ROY GBIV XI. Opponency theory of color vision a. B-Y b. G-R XII. Gestalt: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts a. Perception (interpretation and integration of what you sense) does not equal sensation XIII. Signal Detection Theory a. False Alarms/No misses b. Misses/ No false alarms...
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ps101hoffmanoutline4midterm01(discussion) - yrs series VIII...

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