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Unformatted text preview: mesenchyme 0% cell Score: 6. 0/1 the epiphyseal plate The last location within a long bone to harden is the: Student Response A. bone collar B distal . epiphyseal plate C. proximal epiphyseal plate Value 0% 100% 0% Correct Answer Feedback Student Response D. trochanter Score: 7. Value Correct Answer Feedback 0% 1/1 Bone characteristics 2 The component responsible for the flexibility and resilience of bone is: Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback 1. hydroxyapatite 0% 2. proteoglycans 0% 3. collagen fibers 100% 4. keratin 0% 5. Sharpey's fibers. 0% Score: 8. 0/1 bone hormones 5 This hormone is directly necessary for calcium absorption from the gut. Student Response A. calcitonin B Vitamin D3 . Value Correct Answer Feedback 0% 100% C. growth hormone 0% D. estrogen 0% E. parathyroid 0% hormone (PTH) Score: 9. 1/1 bone hormones 1 The primary hormone in adult calcium homeostasis is: Student Response Value A calcitonin . 0% B. Vitamin D3 0% Correct Answer Feedback Student Response Value C. growth hormone Feedback 0% D. estrogen Correct Answer 0% E. parathyroid 100% hormone (PTH) Score: 10. 0/1 Ossification 2 A lumbar vertebra ossifies from pre-existing model of: Student Response A hyaline . cartilage Value Correct Answer Feedback 100% B. fibrous connective tissue 0% C. fibrocartilage 0% D. areolar tissue 0% Score: 11. 1/1 Osteoporosis 1 Post-menopausal osteoporosis is characterized by ___ calcium in the blood. Student Response Value 1. Higher than normal 100% 2. Lower than normal 0% Score: 12. Correct Answer 1/1 anterior skull Match parts with letters. A nasal bone B frontal bone C zygomatic bone Feedback D mandible E maxilla Statement Response Value Correct Match A frontal bone 20.0% frontal bone B nasal bone 20.0% nasal bone C zygomatic bone 20.0% zygomatic bone D maxilla 20.0% maxilla E mandible 20.0% mandible Score: 13. 1/1 the scapula Match parts with letters. A coracoid process B glenoid fossa C acromion D subscapular fossa E spinous process Statement Response Value Correct Match A glenoid fossa 20.0% glenoid fossa B coracoid process 20.0% coracoid process C spinous process 20.0% spinous process D subscapular fossa 20.0% subscapular fossa E acromion 20.0% acromion Score: 14. 1/1 tibia-fibula1 Match the bone parts with their letters. A medial condyle B medial malleolus C lateral malleolus D intercondylar eminence E tibial tuberosity Statement Response Value Correct Match A medial condyle 20.0% medial condyle B intercondylar eminence 20.0% intercondylar eminence C medial malleolus 20.0% medial malleolus D tibial tuberosity 20.0% tibial tuberosity E lateral malleolus 20.0% lateral malleolus Score: 15. 1/1 skin cancer 2 What normally prevents keratinocytes of the stratum spinosum from becoming cancerous due to mutation from uv radiation is: Student Response Value 1. apoptosis Feedback 100% 2. melanin Correct Answer 0% 3. macrophages 0% 4. cells of the stratum corneum Score: 16. 0% 0/1 skin 1 Match the letters from the diagram with their descriptions. The sebacous gland E A sudoriferous gland B A dermal papilla D A pacinian corpuscle C The hypodermis A Statement Response Value Correct Match The sebacous gland E 20.0% E A sudoriferous gland A 0.0% B Statement Response Value Correct Match A...
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