0505 calcium homeostasis the primary hormone for

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Unformatted text preview: _____ which connects bones in a non-movable way. A. tendon B. ligament Student Response Value 0% 100% C. aponeurosis D. retinaculum 0% 0% Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 4. synovial sack A sack made of synovial membrane which lies between tendons, ligaments, and nearby bones is called: Student Response A. a bursa B. a retinaculum C. a syndesmosis D. a synchondrosis Score: Value 100% 0% 0% 0% Feedback 0/0.5 5. inhibition of heart The fibers which control the heart at all times in the absence of stress are: Student Response A. cholinergic, nicotinic B. cholinergic, muscarinic Value 0% 100% C. adrenergic, alpha D. adrenergic, beta 0% 0% Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 6. limbic system Functions such as emotional motor responses and short term memory both reside in the: Student Response A. reticular formation B. cerebral cortex 0% 0% C. limbic system D. thalamus 100% 0% Score: Value Feedback 0/0.5 7. receptive region location The receptive region of a multipolar neuron would include: Student Response A. the dendrites B. the cell body Value 0% 0% Feedback Student Response C. the axon hillock D. all of the above E. #1 and #2 only Score: Value Feedback 0% 100% 0% 0/0.5 8. connective sheath The _____ surrounds a muscle and fuses with a tendon or aponeurosis. Student Response A. epimysium B. perimysium C. endomysium D. retinaculum Score: Value 100% Feedback 0% 0% 0% 0.5/0.5 9. osteoclastic activity osteoclasts are stimulated by: Student Response A. calcitonin B. parathyroid hormone C. estrogen Value 0% 100% 0% D. growth hormone E. Vitamin D3 0% 0% Score: Feedback 0/0.5 10. epiphyseal plate The last location within a long bone of cartilage formation is: Student Response A. bone collar B. epiphyseal plate Value 0% 100% C. medullary canal D. trochanter 0% 0% Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 11. myeloid tissue the myeloid tissue responsible for hematopoiesis is found in the: Student Response A. Sharpey's fibers B. red marrow Value 0% 100% C. yellow marrow D. periosteum 0% 0% Score: 12. osteoporosis 0.5/0.5 Feedback Insufficient _____ is associated with osteoporosis. Student Response Value A. calcitonin B. Vitamin D3 C. growth hormone 0% 100% 0% D. E. F. G. Feedback 100% 0% 0% 100% estrogen weight bearing exersize All of the above Answers 2, 4 and 5 only. Score: 0/0.5 13. elbow Match the part with its letter. tendon of the biceps brachii D lateral epicondyle H lateral collateral ligament I annular ligament G radial tubercle E bursa J tendon of the triceps brachii C olecranon process A trochlea F synovial membrane of joint capsule B Statement tendon of the biceps brachii lateral epicondyle lateral collateral ligament annular ligament radial tubercle bursa tendon of the triceps brachii olecranon process trochlea synovial membrane of joint capsule Score: F J H I A E B C D G Response Value 10.0% 0.0% 10.0% 10.0% 0.0% 0.0% 10.0% 10.0% 10.0% 0.0% 0.3/0.5 14. autonomic ganglion As a result of an autonomic ganglion located _____ the _____ is alble to produce mass activation. Student Response Val...
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