08 39 head rotation head rotation is the result of

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Unformatted text preview: ion potential travels to the: The action potential travels to the _____ to enter the muscle cell. Student Value Response 1. T-tubules 100% Correct Answer Feedback 2. sarcoplasmic 0% reticulum 3. troponin 0% 4. tropomyosin 0% Score: 35. 0/0.08 40) shoulder abduction Which muscles are the agonist and antagonist for shoulder abduction? Student Value Response 1. Trapezius, 0% rhomboid major and minor 100% 2. Deltoid, pectoralis major 3. Pectoralis 0% major, Correct Answer Feedback Student Value Response pectoralis minor 4. Deltoid, 0% supraspinatus 5. Latissimus 0% dorsi, pectoralis major Score: 36. Correct Answer Feedback 0.08/0.08 41) rotator cuff Which muscle is NOT a member of the rotator cuff? Student Value Response 1. Teres major 100% Correct Answer Feedback 2. supraspinatus 0% 3. infraspinatus 0% 4. subscapularis 0% Score: 37. 0/0.08 5) blocks active sites on actin A complex composed of which molecules blocks the active sites of actin, preventing crossbridge formation? Student Response 1. tropomyosintroponin 2. myosintroponin 3. myosin-titin 4. tropomyosintitin Score: 38. Value Correct Answer Feedback 100% 0% 0% 0% 0/0.08 6) ATP taken up At what point is ATP taken up from the sarcoplasm? Student Value Response 1. Reset of the 0% myosin heads 2. Formation of 0% actin myosin crossbridges 3. Swiveling of 0% the myosin heads (the Correct Answer Feedback Student Value Response working stroke) 4. Detachment of 100% myosin heads from actin. Score: 39. Correct Answer Feedback 0/0.08 7) graded contractions What type of graded contractions is seen here? Student Value Response 100% 1. quantal summation 2. frequency 0% summation Score: 40. Correct Answer 0.08/0.08 8) graded contractions What is the cause of the response seen here: Feedback Student Value Response 1. More motor 0% units responding with each stimulus 2. A given set of 100% muscle cells responding repeatedly without relaxing Score: 41. Correct Answer Feedback 0.08/0.08 9) creatine phosphate Which of the following is true about creatine phosphate: Student Value Response 1. It is produced 0% from ATP and creatine during periods of rest. 2. It must be 0% reconverted to ATP during muscle Correct Answer Feedback Student Value Response contraction. 3. It can provide 0% for an additional 1 to 1.5 minutes of intense muscle contraction 4. It increases 0% muscle strength 5. Answers 1 and 100% 2 only. Score: Correct Answer Feedback 0.08/0.08 1) binds to receptors on the sarcolemma Which of the following is released into the neuromuscular junction to bind to receptors on the sarcolemma? Student Response Value 1. Ca+2 2. ACH Feedback 0% 100% 3. K+ 4. Na+ Correct Answer 0% 0% Score: 0.07/0.07 2. 10) White vs. red In comparing White fibers and Red fibers, which selection would best describe White fibers: Student Value Response 1. Utilized fats as 0% well as glucose, depends on aerobic metabolism, smaller in diameter, used for endurance 2. Stores glycogen 100% for conversion to glucose, depends on anaerobic metabolism, larger in Correct Answer Feedback Student Response diameter, used for speed and strength S...
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