1 an impulse arrives at the neuromuscular junction

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Unformatted text preview: ponin complex, (C) myosin, (D) sarcoplasmic reticulum, (E) T-tubules, (F) voltage gated ion channels, (G) chemically gated ion channels. 19. Carries the action potential to the interior of the muscle fiber. E 20. Before calcium release this blocks the active sites on actin molecules. A 21. Consists of three proteins. B 22. Its heads swivel to provide the “working stroke” in muscle contraction. C 23. Releases calcium when signaled by an action potential. D 24. Their opening produces the action potential on the sarcolemma. F The action potential is a self-propagated, all-or-none movement of depolarization along the membrane.All-or-none means that there are not different size action potentials. You either have one or you don't. 1) Depolarization speads from previous ion channel. 2) When this depolarization reaches threshold, the Na+ channel opens, allowing Na+ ions into the cell and causing a reversal of potential. 3) As the Na+ channels close, K+ channels open allowing K+ ions to leave the cell causing repolarization. 4) Resting potential is reached, but so much K+ leaves the cell that there is a brief hyperpolarization 5) The hyperpolarization ends as K+ channels close. Title: Midterm Exam Started: October 23, 2008 2:30 PM Submitted: October 23, 2008 3:53 PM Time spent: 01:22:53 Total score: 40.684/60 = 67.8067% 1. Sharpey's fibers 1 Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 60 Collagen fibers which run from the fibrous bone covering into the bone itself are called: Student Response Value A Sharpey's 100% Correct Answer Feedback Student Response Value B. canaliculi 0% D. periosteal buds 0% Score: 2. Feedback 0% C. trabeculae Correct Answer 1/1 bone remodeling The primary stimulus for adult bone remodeling is: Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback Correct Answer Feedback 1. stress placed 100% on the bone from weight bearing exercise 2. Vitamin D3 0% 3. Androgens 0% such as testosterone 4. increased 0% blood calcium Score: 3. 1/1 All the ribs articulate with the: All ribs articulate with the: Student Response A thoracic . vertebrae Value 100% B. sternum 0% C. lumbar vertebrae 0% D. Both answers 0% 1 and 2 Score: 4. 1/1 myeloid tissue1 The ____ is the location of production of blood cells: Student Response A. Sharpey's fibers B red marrow . Value Correct Answer Feedback 0% 100% C. yellow marrow 0% D. periosteum Score: 5. 0% 1/1 occipital condyles The occipital condyles articulate with superior surfaces on the: Student Response Value 1. atlas 0% 3. mandible 0% 4 the sella . turcica 0% Score: 6. Feedback 100% 2. axis Correct Answer 0/1 first cervical vertebra The first cervical vertebra is called the: Student Response Value A. occipitum 0% C atlas . 100% D. manubrium 0% E. gladiolus 0% Score: 7. Feedback 0% B. axis Correct Answer 1/1 Bone characteristics 1 The component responsible for the hardness and rigidity of bone is: Student Response Value 1. hydroxyapatite 100% Correct Answer Feedback Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback 2....
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