200 desmosome called macula adherens because they are

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Unformatted text preview: acromion C coracoid process View Attempt D subscapular fossa E spinous process Statement Response Value A glenoid fossa 20.0% B coracoid process 20.0% C spinous process 20.0% D subscapular fossa 20.0% E acromion 20.0% Score: 2.5/2.5 2. Match the parts shown. A zygomatic arch B zygomatic bone C parietal bone D sphenoid bone E lacrimal bone Statement Response Value A parietal bone 20.0% B sphenoid bone 20.0% C lacrimal bone 20.0% D zygomatic arch 20.0% E zygomatic bone 20.0% Score: 2.5/2.5 3. Match parts with letters. A medial condyle B medial epicondyle C intercondylar notch D head of femur E linea aspera F anatomical neck G lesser trochanter H patellar articular surface I greater trochanter Statement Response Value A greater trochanter 11.11% B head of femur 11.11% C anatomical neck 11.11% D lesser trochanter 11.11% E linea aspera 11.11% F medial epicondyle 11.11% G patellar articular surface 11.11% H medial condyle 11.11% I intercondylar notch 11.12% Score: 2.5/2.5 4. Match parts with letters. A occipital condyle B foramen magnum C zygomatic arch D vomer bone E hard palate of maxilla Statement Response Value A hard palate of maxilla 20.0% B vomer bone 20.0% C zygomatic arch 20.0% D occipital condyle 20.0% E foramen magnum 20.0% Score: Jump to Navigation Frame 2.5/2.5 Your location: Assessments › View Attempt 1 of 2 Title: Quiz #4 - Arthrology and Muscles Started: March 9, 2008 11:19 PM Time spent: View Attempt March 9, 2008 10:48 PM Submitted: View All Submissions › 00:30:23 Total score: 9.38/10.05 = 93.3333% Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 10.05 1. A sack made of synovial membrane which lies between tendons, ligaments, and nearby bones is called: Student Response A a bursa . Value 100% B. a retinaculum 0% C. a syndesmosis 0% D. a synchondrosis 0% Score: 0.67/0.67 2. The series elastic elements of a muscle are composed of the various connective tissues and proteins including the protein _____. Student Response A myosin . Value 0% B. actin 0% C. titin 100% D. collagen 0% E. elastin 0% Score: 0/0.67 3. Movement in which the thigh is raised toward the abdomen is _____ of the hip. Student Response A flexion . Value 100% B. extension 0% C. abduction 0% D. adduction 0% Score: 0.67/0.67 4. The sarcolemma is polarized because more _____ are pumped out than ___ are pumped in. Student Response + + A Na , and K . Value 100% B. K+ and Na+ 0% C. Na+ and Ca+2 0% D. Ca+2 and Na+ 0% Score: 0.67/0.67 5. The _____ are intracapsular ligaments which help to prevent anteroposterior displacement and twisting of the knee. Student Response Value A. medial and lateral collateral ligaments 0% B. medial and lateral retinacula 0% C. medial and lateral menisci 0% D anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments . Score: 100% 0.67/0.67 6. The trigger which causes vesicles of acetylcholine to move to the axon membrane and release ACh is: Student Response A. AChase B Ca . +2 Value 0% 100% C. Na+ 0% D. K+ 0% Score: 0.67/0.67 7. The type of arthritis which begins with...
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