J uptake of atp by the myosin heads k attachment of

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Unformatted text preview: ction potential is the: Student Response absolute refractory period relative refractory period period of depolarization period of hyperpolarization Both answers 1 and 3 F. Both answers 2 and 4 A. B. C. D. E. Score: 3. Value 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 100% Feedback 0.5/0.5 non-movable joints Joints which non-movable are usually classified structurally as _____ joints. Student Response A. synovial B. cartilaginous C. fibrous Score: 4. Value Feedback 0% 0% 100% 0.5/0.5 foot movement The movement of the foot in which the sole is turned inward is correctly termed: A. inversion Student Response Value 100% B. eversion C. supination D. pronation 0% 0% 0% Score: 6. Feedback 0.5/0.5 elastic connective tissue The stroma of the lungs contains _____ which permits its expansion and recoil. Student Response A. areolar connective tissue Value 0% Feedback Student Response elastic connective tissue B. Value 100% C. fibrous connective tissue D. dense irregular connective tissue 0% 0% Score: 7. Feedback 0.5/0.5 negative feedback In order for a regulatory process to be self controled it must utilize: Student Response Negative feedback A. Value 100% B. Positive feedback C. External control through the nervous system. D. Hormones 0% 0% Score: 8. Feedback 0% 0.5/0.5 Binding of the ACh to the post-synaptic receptors. What event causes opening of the chemically-gated Na+ channels? Student Response Value A. Calcium ions enter the axon 0% B. Calcium ions are pumped back into the 0% sarcoplasmic reticulum. C. Acetylcholine is released into the synaptic 0% cleft by exocytosis. 100% D. Acetylcholine binds to post-synaptic receptors on the sarcolemma. E. Na+ moves across the sarcolemma into 0% the muscle cell. F. Breakdown of ACh by AChase. 0% G. Opening of the voltage-gated sodium 0% channels. H. Opening of potassium channels. 0% I. Binding of calcium ions to Troponin C. 0% J. Uptake of ATP by the myosin heads. 0% K. Attachment of actin-myosin crossbridges 0% and swiveling of the myosin heads. Score: 9. Feedback 0.5/0.5 facilitation Prior sub-threshold depolarization of a reflex pathway produces: A. facilitation Student Response Value 100% B. inhibition C. divergence D. convergence 0% 0% 0% Score: 0.5/0.5 Feedback 10. series elastic elements The series elastic elements of a muscle are composed of the various connective tissues and proteins including the protein _____. Student Response Value A. myosin B. actin C. titin 0% 0% 100% D. collagen E. elastin 0% 0% Score: 11. Feedback 0.5/0.5 multipolar neuron A multipolar neuron has: Student Response Value A. Many dendrites and axons attached to the 0% cell body. 100% B. Many dendrites and only one axon attached to the cell body. C. One dendrite and many axons attached to 0% the cell body D. One process attached to the cell body. 0% Score: 12. Feedback 0.5/0.5 calcium absorption Increased calcium absorption is produced by: Student Response A. B. C. D. calcitonin parathyroid hormone estrogen growth hormone E. Vitamin D3 Score: 13. Value Feedback 0% 0% 0% 0% 100% 0.5/0.5 Epidermis Match descriptions with letters in t...
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