Soleus fixes foot in a plantar flexed position

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Unformatted text preview: trochanter C lesser trochanter E head I neck F linea aspera B epicondyle D intercondylar notch H Statement articular surface for patella medial condyle greater trochanter lesser trochanter head neck linea aspera epicondyle intercondylar notch Score: Response G H A D B C E F I Value 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.11% 11.12 % 1/1 3. The socket for the head of the humerus is called the: Student Response glenoid fossa A. Value 100% B. C. D. E. 0% 0% 0% 0% acetablulum ilium coronoid fossa olecranon process Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 4. Match the bone with the letter. pubic tubercle A greater sciatic notch B iliac crest C acetabulum E ischial tuberosity D Statement pubic tubercle greater sciatic notch iliac crest acetabulum ischial tuberosity Response E B A D C Value 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0 Statement Response Value % Score: 1/1 5. Match the bone marking with its letter. radial head D radial tuberosity G trochlear notch F coronoid process B olecranon process A styloid process E Statement radial head radial tuberosity trochlear notch coronoid process olecranon process styloid process Score: Response A B E D F G Value 16.66% 16.66% 16.66% 16.66% 16.66% 16.7 % 1/1 6. Match the part of the scapula with its name. glenoid fossa C subscapular fossa E coracoid process D acromion process B scapular spine A Statement glenoid fossa subscapular fossa coracoid process acromion process scapular spine Score: 1/1 Response A D B E C Value 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0 % 7. Match the bone part with its letter. tibial condyle D tibial tuberosity B medial malleolus E lateral malleolus C intercondylar eminence A Statement Response tibial condyle tibial tuberosity medial malleolus lateral malleolus intercondylar eminence Score: A D C E B Value 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0 % 1/1 8. The pulley-shaped process on the humerus which articulates with the ulna is the: Student Response A. acetablulum B. trochlea Value 0% 100% C. olecranon D. coracoid E. acromion 0% 0% 0% Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 9. Match the part with the letter. spinous process E transverse process A lamina C foramen B body D Statement spinous process transverse process lamina foramen Response C A B D Value 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% Statement body Score: Response E Value 20.0 % 1/1 10. There are _____ pair of ribs. A. 7 B. 5 C. 12 Student Response Value 0% 0% 100% D. 10 0% Score: Feedback 0.5/0.5 11. Match the part with its letter. foramen magnum B foramen ovale E cribriform plate A crista galli C sella turcica D Statement foramen magnum foramen ovale cribriform plate crista galli sella turcica Score: Response E D A B C Value 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0% 20.0 % 1/1 12. The large anterior fontanel hardens at: Student Response 1.5 to 2 years after birth A. B. late teens C. early twenties D. birth Score: 0.5/0.5 13. The last part of a long bone to harden is the: Value 100% 0% 0% 0% Feedback Student Response Value A. bone collar B. epiphyseal plate 0% 100% C. medullary canal D. trochanter Feedback 0% 0% Score: 0.5/0.5 View Attempt 2 of 2 Title: Started: Submitted: Time spent: Quiz #3 Arthrology and Muscle Histology November 10, 2008 3:46 PM November 10, 2008 4:09 PM 00:22:53 Tota...
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