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Unformatted text preview: e vasoconstriction of most blood vessels to raise the blood pressure, dilation of the pupils of the eyes, constriction of sphincters in the GI tract as part of its reduced function with sympathetic stimulation. Beta receptors are generally inhibitory, except those to the heart. Beta receptors on the heart increase heart rate and force. But others dilate blood vessels to the heart and lungs, and dilate the bronchi. It is this effect used in anti-bronchitis drugs which are sympathomimetic. Beta receptors inhibit the muscles and glands of the GI tract. Which cranial nerve(s) mediate taste? A)Facial D)Glossopharyngeal Which cranial nerve(s) are part of cardiac control? C)Vagus D)Glossopharyngeal Which cranial nerve(s) produce salivation? A)Facial D)Glossopharyngeal Which is not a parasympathetic nerve? B)Trigeminal Which is not a parasympathetic function? C)Forceful contraction of GI sphincters Copious secretion of sweat in thermoregulation is: B)Sympathetic The receptors on eccrine sweat glands are: B)Cholinergic muscarinic Vasodilation of blood vessels leading to the skeletal muscles, heart, lungs, and skin is: B)Sympathetic All of the previous functions except vasodilation to D)Adrenergic beta Which junction produces a semipermeable membrane? A)Tight junctions Which tissue principally lines the respiratory tract? D)Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium Which tissue(s) are found in the dermis? A)Areolar ct C)Dense irregular ct Which tissue is found in the epiglottis? B)Elastic cartilage Endochondal ossification begins with: D)Fibrous connective tissue Which type of osteoporosis has too much PTH: B)Senile Which hinge joint is composed of three bones: A)Knee Which of the following has intracapsular ligaments: A)Knee B)Hip The primary abductor of the shoulder: B)Deltoid Where is calcium important in muscle contraction: A)Exocytosis of acetylcholine at NMJ D)Trigger for movement of troponin-tropomyosin Which of these produces the myelin sheath in nerves: B)Schwann cell The first order neuron in every reflex pathway is: A)Unipolar Which tracts have third order neurons? A)Spinothalamic C)Fasciculus gracilis Which of the following correctly describes a pathway for anterior thigh pain: D)Femoral nerve, lumbar plexus, spinothalamic tr. Which part of the brain initiates skeletal muscle contraction: A)Pre-central gyrus Which type of tissue is important for holding most of the body’s water: B)Areolar Which two of these are found in the dermis of the skin and in mucous membranes? B)Areolar C)Dense irregular Which substance is most important in hydration of connective tissues: B) Proteoglycans Which layer of the skin contains the most numerous desmosomes? B) stratum spinosum Which junction allows cells to exchange materials directly with one another D) gap junctions Which tissue lines most of the gastrointestinal tract? B) simple columnar Merkel disks send information through which of the following spinal tracts C) fasciculus gracilis and fasciculus cuneatus...
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