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Unformatted text preview: Information originating in the vestibule and semicircular canals would ultimately reach the lower motor neurons through which of the following: E) extrapyramidal The joint between the atlas and axis is a: B) pivot joint Which of the following can exhibit flexion and extension? A) condyloid joint C) hinge joint D) ball-and-socket joint Primary muscle for flexing the thigh: C) iliopsoas Primary muscle for abducting the thigh: C) tensor fasciae latae D) gluteus minimus and medius Primary muscle for extending the knee: C) rectus femoris What nerve innervates each of the above? FEMORAL N. – SHORT HEAD OF BICEPS AND RECTUS F. PERONEAL (FIBULAR) N – PERONEUS LONGUS TIBIAL N. – GASTROCNEMIUS, SOLEUS What type of ion channels are needed to generate an action potential? B) voltage-gated Where are these channels found? CHEMICALLY GATED ON DENDRITES AND CELL BODY TO AXON HILLOCK VOLTAGE GATED FROM AXON HILLOCK TO AXON TERMINUS What causes the actin-myosin crossbridges to attach and then swivel? C) calcium is released into the sarcoplasm Which type of muscle fiber responds to appropriate training by building myofibrils? A) white Which glial cell would be found associated with the choroid plexus? B) ependymal cells Which type of neuron is only found in the special senses? A) bipolar A muscle contracts, producing a reflex. The reflex would be _____. B) tendon If many EPSPs from different neurons all add together to produce threshold depolarization, the type of summation which is occurring is: A) spatial An IPSP occurring at the same time which prevents the above from reaching threshold produces a condition known as: INHIBITION The neuron carrying an impulse from the thalamus to the cerebral cortex travels in the: A) corona radiata If the information transmitted is from pain in the jaw, it will ultimately reach the: D) inferior post-central gyrus The part of the brain malfunctioning in dyslexia is the: D) Wernicke’s area Visual stimuli will reach the: A) visual cortex B) pineal gland C) superior colliculi D) thalamus The center for the fear response is the: C) amygdala Which cranial nerve(s) mediate taste? AD A)Facial B)Trigeminal C)Vagus D)Glossopharyngeal E)Oculomotor Cardiac control? CD Salivation? AD Muscles of facial expression? A Chewing? B Which cranial nerve carries the sense of balance? C) VIII Which cranial nerve innervates the sternocleidomastoid? C) spinal accessory Which sensory mode has receptors which replace themselves over time? C) Olfaction D) Taste Which part of the eye is most important in bending the light rays? A A) Cornea C) Aqueous humor Glaucoma is due to excessive pressure in which of these? C Secretion of apocrine glands in sexual arousal is: B)Sympathetic The receptors on eccrine sweat glands are: B)Cholinergic muscarinic Vasodilation of blood vessels leading to the skeletal muscles, heart, lungs, and skin is: B)Sympathetic All of the previous functions except vasodilation to the skeletal muscles are: D)Adrenergic beta Which of these is the area of sharpest vision? C) Fovea centr...
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