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Exam Review MJ - Exam Review- 1. Agustn de Iturbide- First...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Review- 1. Agustn de Iturbide- First Emperor of Mexico, Established the Plan de Iguala fue esencial a la independencia de Mexico 2. Plan de Iguala- goal was to establish nacional religin, 3 major artculos, Mexican independe, social equality, 25 articles but the three were these. 3. Monroe and His Doctrine- status the Mexico is independent and cannot be invaded by European countries. 4. Decline of Iturbide- People were mad about the state of the economy and decide to blame the monarchy. People decide they want Mexico a Republic, so Iturbide suppresses the republican movement abolishes the monarch. 5. Plan de Vera Cruz- 6. Plan de Casa Mata- 7. Constitution of 1824- 8. Guadalupe Victoria- 9. Vincent Guerrero- 10. General Santa Ana- 11. Valentin Gomez Farias- 12. Religion y Fueros- 13. The Constitution of 1836- 14. Pastry War- 15. Lone Star Republic- Santa Ana SIGNED TWO TREATIES saying he wouldnt take arms against the independence movement and that Mexican-Texan tension was to cease and that Texas was to be independent. 16. The Alamo- 17. Williams Barrett Travis- 18. Davy Crocket- 19. Jim Bowie- 20. Battle of Goliad- 21. Sam Houston- 22. Battle of San Jacinto- 23. James K. Polk- 24. Special Envoy John Slidell- 25. General Zachary Taylor- 26. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- 27. The Gadsden Purchase- 28. The Revolution of Ayutla- 29. La Reforma- 30. Ley Juarez- 31. Ley Lerdo- 32. Ley Iglesias- 33. War of Reform: (1858-1861)- 34. Cinco de Mayo-Original victory over French troops by Diaz on the 5th of may 1862. 35. Ferdinand Maximillian- set up a provisional govt. and asked him and his wife Carlotta to come and rule en Mexico City and he was the first unofficial monarch of Mexico, he would only come if people voted for him, so it was kind of staged vote. He wasnt as conservative as they thought he would be, allowed people to visit castle and amnesty to all political prisoners. 36. Monroe Doctrine- see number 3. 37. Porfirio Diaz- Served as president and famous for his role as social revolution. He invited foreign involvement, he was not rich, kind of a military dictator, against modernity reforms, used the military to keep country under control. 38. Plan de la Noria- proclaimed the indefinite reelection of chief executive reputed the principles of the revolution and endangered the countrys national institutions. This was done by Diaz....
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Exam Review MJ - Exam Review- 1. Agustn de Iturbide- First...

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