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PS 101/Hoffman Outline for Midterm (II): Discussion I. (10/30/07) Intelligence a. The capacity to answer a problem b. Depends on test II. Binet a. 1 st person to start it b. Intelligence Quotient – mental age/chronological age c. Test did not transfer well to American kids III. Terman a. Fixed test and made it Stanford Binet IV. Wescler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) V. Be careful for Cultural Bias VI. Validity a. How valid the questions are: i. Criterion validity ii. Concurrent validity – WAIS test=Hofmann test
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Predictive validity: predicts future success VII. Reliability a. test-retest-how well do future tests compare i. alternate forms- 2 different tests are not reliable together ii. split half: 1 half of test is not reliable with other half of test if drunk prof. test VIII. Aptitude a. SAT, GRE IX. Achievement a. Subject test GRE X. Twins and Relations a. Identical Twins- 82% of intelligence can be found in identical twins b. Fraternal Twins- 62%-50% c. Siblings- 38%-50% d. Unrelated- 25%
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ps101hoffmanoutline4midterm02(discussion) - PS 101/Hoffman...

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