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ps101hoffmantxtbookChapter 2 - Chapter 2: The Methods of...

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Chapter 2: The Methods of Psychology I. The Scietific Mehod and Behavior a. The Purpose of Psychological Research i. Basic Research: Research to Test a Hypothesis 1. Hypothesis- statement proposing the existence of a relationship b/t variables 2. Tentative explainations for relationships or events 3. Emerge from psychologists’ observations of behavior or frm results of past investigations ii. Applied Research: Research to Solve a Problem 1. Sets out to solve a particular problem iii. Replication research: research to confirm Previous findings 1. Replication of prior research is the backbone of good science 2. Results of a study can vary depending on experimental conditions and research method used. II. Research Methods a. Non-experimental Research Methods i. Case Studies 1. An in-depth exploration of either a single subject or a small group of subjects who are examined individually
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2. Methods of Data gathered like direct observation, testing and experimentation, and interviews or questionairs 3. Limitations include lack of investigative control, subjective bias on researcher’s part, and difficutly to generalize other people. ii.
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ps101hoffmantxtbookChapter 2 - Chapter 2: The Methods of...

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