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Biolec11/15/07 I. Levels of Biological Organization (a=top, f=bottom) a. Biosphere b. Ecosystem Community c. Population Organism d. Organ Systems e. Tissue f. Cell g. Organelle h. Molecule II. Life History a. A description of the life cycle of an organism including birth, development, reproduction and death b. The adaptations of an organism that influence its age-specific survival and fecundity III. Components of “life history” a. Size and developmental stage at “birth” i. Precocial- born or hatched at a relatively advanced developmental stage ii. Atricial- born or hatched at a less advance developmental stage iii. Parental care
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b. Pattern and rate of growth i. Determine- growth generally completed prior to reproduction ii. Indeterminate- growth continues throughout life iii. Length and timing of stages in the life cycle- age at first reproduction c. Reproductive rate and timing i. How often- parity 1. Iteroparous- reproducing many times 2. Semelparous- reproducing once ii. How many offspring- fecundity d. Movement and dispersal i. Monarch butterflies ii. Dandelions vs. coconuts e. Life span i. Senescence- gradual deterioration through time in physiological
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BI107Sorensonlecture1outline - Biolec I Levels of...

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