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Laboratory Report PHYS122L Thermal Properties of Materials Purpose of the Experiment: To determine the specific heats of several metallic elements and a solid mineral compound, and to measure the latent heat of fusion of ice, using a calorimeter. To observe the temperature versus time behavior of a material that undergoes a phase transition. To observe and exothermic reaction in which heat is generated by a chemical change. Experimental Procedure The Specific Heat of A Solid: First, the mass of the dry empty calorimeter is taken. The mass of the first material is then measured, and then the material is heated in boiling water. While the material is heating up, the calorimeter is filled with ~100 mL of water at room temperature. The mass of the filled calorimeter is then measured to find the mass of water contained in the calorimeter. A thermometer is inserted into the calorimeter and the temperature, T i,w , is recorded after five minutes when equilibrium has occurred. The material is quickly moved from the boiler into the calorimeter. The water is stirred gently for about five minutes until equilibrium has occurred and the final temperature, T f , is recorded. This procedure is repeated for the three metals and one mineral, starting with water at room temperature for each new material. The Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice: The calorimeter is filled with about 100 mL of water at room temperature. The filled calorimeter is weighed and the mass of the contained water and its initial temperature T i,,w are determined. One ice cube is added to the calorimeter and it is stirred until the ice completely melts. Once the water and melted ice have reached equilibrium, measure T f . Then measure the mass of the calorimeter and its
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thermal properties - Laboratory Report PHYS122L Thermal...

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