logic 2-28 - (A→B)v~C)v(D↔~(Q^P)v(F↔G^H0v(Ev~E...

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The fundamental semantic notion: 1. Truth (tautology) (write |= S to indicate tautology) 2. Logical consequence Tautological consequence Write Γ |= S (S is a logical consequence of Γ) Γ = {AvB, A} S = {B} Γ |= S S1 . . . Sn ____ S Fact: The argument with premises Γ and conclusion S is valid just in case Γ|= S.
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Unformatted text preview: ((A→B)v~C)v((D↔~(Q^P)v((F↔G^H0v(Ev~E)))) Γ= {P^Q}, S = P P^Q / P P^Q / Q Γ = {P,Q}, S = P^Q P Q Q P __ __ P^Q P^Q Γ={P} S=PvQ P Q __ __ v Intro PvQ PvQ...
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