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Essay Assignment 2 Fall 2007

Essay Assignment 2 Fall 2007 - essay in which you identify...

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PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy Essay 2 16 points possible Short Essay (5 points total) Please write a brief essay in response to the prompt. Again, the template for the formatting of your essay is posted on Blackboard. If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] The movie Zero Effect provides us a detective story of sorts: a search for missing keys that turns into a murder and blackmail mystery. There are two options for essay topics this time: 1) In his article, “The Fixation of Belief,” Peirce gives us a way of categorizing different methods of inquiry, and a way of judging the successfulness of them. Please compose a short
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Unformatted text preview: essay in which you identify one method of inquiry (that Peirce discusses) in the movie and explain it in Peirce’s terms. 2) The idea of cause and effect plays a central role in any investigation. Aristotle, Hume, and to some extent Peirce depend on the idea of causality. Identify some aspect of the investigation in the movie and examine how the idea of cause and effect is central to the progress of the investigation. Essays are due at the beginning of class next Wednesday, Nov. 14, the day of the second exam....
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