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Sensory experience ones subjective experience of the

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Unformatted text preview: Sensation 3. Sensory Experience: one’s subjective experience of the stimulus Sensation & Perception Sensation Perception: the elaboration, interpretation, & assignment of meaning to a sensory experience Ambiguous Figure Colored surface can be either the outside front A surface or the inside back surface Brain can interpret the ambiguous cues two different ways E F B H D Sensation & Perception Processes G C Psychophysics Psychophysics Psychophysics maps relationship between physical stimulus & sensory experience Stimulus detection: Absolute threshold: intensity level at which people can detect presence of stimulus 50% of the time Subliminal Perception Awareness of information presented below threshold of awareness Can subliminal messages have an effect? – ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Psychophysics Difference threshold (or JND): the smallest difference in stimulation required to discriminate one stimulus from another 50% of the time Detection of the JND increases with the magnitude of the stimulus (Weber’s Law) Psychophysics Psychophysics Factors other than the physical intensity of the stimulus & sensory abilities of the observer that affect detection: _________________________ _________________________ Vision Light: a form of el...
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