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Radiation what strikes the eye pulses of

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Unformatted text preview: ectromagnetic radiation What strikes the eye? Pulses of electromagnetic energy Described in wavelengths (nanometers) – Visible light: 400-700 nanometers Vision Cornea •Clear, curved membrane •Focuses light on retina (fovea: ____________ Iris: coloured part •Ring of muscles •__________________ Pupil •Opening in center of iris •Controls amount of light entering eye Vision Vision Lens •Located behind pupil & iris •Fine tunes focus of image through accommodation _______________ Vitreous humor •Clear fluid •Supports & structures the eye Menu Focusing The Image The same size object will produce different images sizes depending on its distance. Closer objects produce larger retinal images. Retina Retina 1. Light sensitive surface on the back of the eye; A multilayered structure Receptor cells (...
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