Lecture, Chapter 3, post, part 1

See the context surrounding what we see generates

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Unformatted text preview: incoming stimulation, people rely on knowledge & expectations to construct what they see – The context surrounding what we see generates expectations about the whole object Perceptual Set What is seen in the center figures depends on the order in which one looks at the figures: – If scanned from the left, a man’s face is seen. – If scanned from the right, a woman’s figure is seen. The same physical stimulus can be interpreted differently depending on perceptual set, e.g., context effects. When is the middle character the letter B and when is it the number 13? Context Effects Bottom-up vs Top-down Perceptual world is constructed through: Bottom-up processing (sensory analysis of the stimulus) Top-down processing (influence of beliefs & expectations; _____________________________) Gestalt Psychologists Believe people are born with number of organizing principles – Are unaltered by experience By imposing organization on a scene, grouping rules simplify the problem of recognizing objects Gestalt Psychologists Gestalt Segregate scene into figure/ground Gestalt Grouping/Organizing Principles Perception of Depth Is the result of both bottom-up & top-down processing 2 types of cues: – Monocular: require input from one eye – Binocular: produced because we have 2 eyes with 2 different...
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