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Biology 100, Fall 2007 Plant Study Questions The questions on the final exam that cover the material from the lecture on chemical signaling (chapter 39) will be based on the two questions below [Note: These questions are meant to provoke thought and study. Do not ask me or the TAs to provide you with the answers.] 1. In plants, a number of chemical messengers (hormones) are used to signal from one part of the organism to another in response to environmental cues, and to regulate growth and development. List five attributes of plant hormones and hormone signaling that make this
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Unformatted text preview: process a complex one (difficult to study/understand). Give an example of one way in which hormone signaling is complex, naming the hormone(s) involved and the process(es) it/they regulate. 2. What are auxin efflux carriers, and where are they localized within a cell? How does control of their distribution within a cell and within cells of a tissue regulate auxin transport? Explain the results of the experiments that the Darwins, Boysen-Jenson, and Went carried out on phototropism in the context of what you know about auxin efflux carriers Exam 1 Study Questions, p.1...
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