Mankiw says on page 300 in figure 2 that a persons

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Unformatted text preview: in different industries. Mankiw says on page 300 in Figure 2 that a person's stock portfolio is diversified if they own stocks in as many companies as you feel comfortable. Mankiw feels that the more companies you own stock in, the less risky your portfolio is. b. Cramer determines if the caller is somewhat diversified by what stocks they own shares in. If the callers own shares in companies that are in different industries than Cramer considered the caller's stocks diversified could have bought a lot of new macbook laptops). Also, according to CNNMoney Apple is always creative with releasing innovative new products. Palm Inc. could have a negative Capital Gain Yield because according to CNNMoney they3 of 5 haven't released many new products. Consequently, they don't have a way to appeal to new customers 5. Please represent a mutual fund in a circular flow diagram. The mutual fund market is a sub-market of the asset/funds market (although it is not one of the four main ones st...
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