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Which of these four is dinosaur research most closely

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Unformatted text preview: ts of a stock’s fundamental value. Which of these four is Dinosaur Research most closely basing its forecast? (b) Midway through the video, a graphic on the screen uses the word “cap.” What word is “cap” short for? In another screen graphic, what do the abbreviations P/E and PEG stand for? [Hint: You may need to search outside of your required readings to find the meaning of one of the abbreviations] (c) Over the following year, did Google proceed with its plan to become more involved in the cellphone/handset market? What is the current price (sometime in the last week) of Google stock? Was Dinosaur Research correct in its forecast? Of the analysts discussing the Dinosaur Research report, what is the analyst’s who was most accurate about Google’s price over the following eighteen months. a. Expected Growth rate of earnings (or dividends) b. "cap" is short for capitalization. P/E= price earning ratio PEG= price per earnings to growth c. Google partnered with T-Mobile in helping produce the T-Mobile G1 phone and parterned with Sprint in helping produce the Samsung Moment phone. Google's current stock price is 509.76. Dinosaur research's prediction of a higher stock price for Google was incorrect because the recession that occurred in 2008 lowered almost all companies' stock values; Google included. David Garrity's analysis of Google's stock price was the most accurate over the following 18 months. 5 of 5...
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