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Jan 24, 2008 Lecture

Jan 24, 2008 Lecture - Variables can be manipulated or...

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January 24, 2008 Psych 202WQ Variables - can be manipulated or measured 3 Types of Research Design 1) Observational 2) Correlational a. Two or more variables, looking at how they’re related 3) Experimental **For Observational && correlational, the variables are measured, not manipulated Correlations— -Relationships can be described with: Correlation co-efficient (r). Ranges from –1 to +1 where the sign indicates the  direction of the relationship and the numerical value indicates the strength of the  relationship. The closer r is to 1 (+ or -) the stronger the relationship -Correlation does not equal causation -For any correlation, there are three possible causal explanations 1) x caused y 2) y caused x 3) some third variable Z caused both Experimental— -hypothesis: contains a causal relationships between variables
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