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Classics Midterm - symposium Make sure you understand the...

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symposium Make sure you understand the Homeric Hymns , and the stories within them. Be able to write a complete ID and significance for the following: Apollo : Called “far-shooter” because of his bow and arrow Attributes : Lyre (music) and tripod ( prophecy) Parents : Zeus and Leto. Mythos 1 : Leto is trying to find a place to give birth but Hera is trying to prevent her from finding a place. Mythos 2 : Telephaus trick him but he finds a place for his oracle in Delphi and he kills the dragon snake looking thing “pythtan”= rot Domain : Apollo is born in Delo a speck of an island Theme : Recognition/ disguise: He turns into a dolphin in order to lure men into the island to help build his temple Demeter : Significant because she is one of the most nurturing goddesses and when she was mourning for Persephone she ate at a piece of tantalus son which in a way makes here closer to human beings. Mother of Persephone Attributes: agriculture/grain/fertility. “bringer of seasons” Mythos 1 : She turns into an old lady and takes care of a baby Demophoon whom she puts into the fire at night to make him immortal Hermes : Parents : Zeus and Maia Attributes:  travel, hospitality, trade,  thievery,  Messenger of the Gods Mythos: The day he was born he stole Apollo’s cattle – Speech Aphrodite : Love, desire Aphrodite was born of the sea foam after Kronos cut off Ouranos testicles and threw them. Mythos: She falls in love with the mortal Anchises. Tells him he will have a child who she will give to the nymphs to take care of. Tell him that when the child comes back he must say that the child is from a nymph or else Zeus will kill him
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Dionysus : Attributes : Wine, Ivy, Theater, Ecstasy associated with grapes and change of form Parents : Semele Mythos : Pirates on a ship tie him because they didn’t know he was a god he turned into a lion and turned the men who jumped off the boat into dolphins
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Classics Midterm - symposium Make sure you understand the...

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