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1 Nick Piccirillo ENL 2022 March 15, 2007 1,458 Words “Innocence and Experience” in Blake William Blake demonstrates the differences between how people who are “innocent” and how people who are “experienced” view the world in his two books of poetry titled Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience . Throughout both books, Blake pairs many of the poems together by giving them similar themes like “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” which both discuss the creation of the creatures they are titled after. Also, Blake’s poems are paired by more than just similar themes; some of the poems in the two books share the same title such as the two versions of “Holy Thursday” and the two versions of “The Chimney Sweeper.” In the Songs of Innocence , Blake describes how the eyes of the innocent generally observe the world more optimistically than the experienced and see a world full of joy and a world where everyone can experience a close relationship with God. In the Songs of Experience , Blake describes how the eyes of the experienced observe the world less optimistically than the innocent and see the world more seriously than the innocent and question the actions of others and God. For Blake, innocence and experience represent the different (and not necessarily opposite) ways people in the world view good and evil, optimism, and the events that are taking place around them. Blake displays how good and evil are seen differently by people who are innocent and by people who are experienced in the Songs of Innocence and in the Songs of Experience . In “The Lamb”, Blake presents the creature he is speaking to as a good creature by describing it as having “clothing of delight, softest clothing wooly bright” and having “such a tender voice” (Lines 5-7). Blake then goes on to tell the lamb that it is
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2 good because it was created by God. In “The Lamb” Blake only chooses to present an image of a good creature created by God. By only presenting this image Blake is showing how innocent people are only able to recognize good things in the world and believe that all things created by God are instantly good. In “The Tyger”, Blake chooses to present the image of a creature he believes to be evil. Blake shows that he believes
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BlakeEssay2 - 1 Nick Piccirillo ENL 2022 1,458...

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