If war erupts however moscows already weak grip on

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Unformatted text preview: thousands more, in scores of sites scattered throughout the country. So far, the government has managed to prevent the loss of any weapons or much material. If war erupts, however, Moscow's already weak grip on nuclear sites will slacken, making weapons and supplies available to a wide range of anti-American groups and states. Such dispersal of nuclear weapons represents the greatest physical threat America now faces. And it is hard to think of anything that would increase this threat more than the chaos that would follow a Russian civil war. 20 Oil DDW 2012 1 ***General Uniqueness and Links*** 21 Last printed 9/4/2009 7:00:00 PM Oil DDW 2012 1 Demand High – Oil 22 Oil DDW 2012 1 US demand for oil increases now – petroleum exports raise prices Folks 2/7/12 [Jeffrey Folks, 2/7/12 Professor of Letters in the Graduate School of Doshisha University http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/02/enough_oil.html] A report for November 2011 indicated that, for the first time in forty years, the U.S. was a net exporter of petroleum products. Liberals seized on this report as evidence that the U.S. needs no acceleration in drilling, no XL pipeline -- indeed, no new exploration or production of any kind. This was the point of a politicsusa.com piece by Ray Medeiros appearing on January 2. In this piece, the author referred to drilling for energy independence as "the big GOP lie" and noted that America is already exporting oil products. The "ONLY real solution," Medeiros writes, is more government regulation and increased subsidies for green energy. How mistaken liberals are, especially when it comes to energy independence. First of all, the export of energy products such as refined fuel, kerosene, and lubricating oils bears no relation to the importation of oil, which still proceeds at 9 million barrels per day. If anything, the two figures operate inversely: the more refined products we export, the more unrefined oil we must import as feedstock for our refineries. In reality, the U.S. still imports 51% of its oil despite the existence of vast undeveloped reserves to be found offshore and onshore. The fact that America imports 51% of its oil, at huge cost and from unfriendly regimes including Venezuela, is hardly an argument to halt drilling. Yet that is the argument filling the pages of liberal media like the Huffington Post. America has an abundance of oil, we are told. After all, America is an oil exporter -- an outright falsehood, but one that sounds plausible to casual readers. And in the greatest lie of all, "we need not worry about future energy security. We have enough oil to be exporting it, so we need not look for more." Not to be left behind by his green supporter, the president immediately seized on the report as grounds for eliminating $4 billion in annual tax adjustments for oil and gas companies -- tax breaks similar to those enjoyed by businesses in other sectors. The logic, apparently, is that oil companies that are able to export their products must be d...
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