Russia is now vying with united states multinationals

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Unformatted text preview: near abroad.” 110 Oil DDW 2012 1 Russian expansionism causes instability, proliferation and nuclear war Cook, Major, 98, D.G. Cook, Major, 98, The Empire Strikes Back: Russia's Strategy is Still a Threat to Canada's Security, Russia has come a long way since the demise of the Soviet Union. Russian efforts at re-integration of Russia into the world community as a major power will continue. This will continue even with the domestic economic problems within its borders, as long as President Yeltsin can hold onto power. Russia's economic strategy threatens Canada's security through the spread of transnational crime, the proliferation of weapons, and the frustration that it will face as it moves from a second wave nation to a third wave nation, thus leading to possible clashes with the West. The expansion of the Russian Mafiya into Canada threatens the Canadian socialcultural way of life. The proliferation of weapons sold by this crime organization around the world disrupts Canada's view of world stability. Russia is now vying with United States multinationals in the 'near abroad' causing a major contention over the oil in the region. If Russia sees this oil and other resources as critical to its survival, it would lead to heavy tension with the United States. Any conflict in this region between Russia and the United States could possibly involve Canada as a United States coalition partner. Without foreign investment into Russia, there is a real threat of economic collapse within Russia . This would lead to instability in the region and the resurrection of the old Soviet Regime controlled by the military. Foreign policy will be more directed towards trade than to military meddling outside its borders. As Russia tries to create a new industrial base on which to build its economy, it has no environmental laws on which to prevent destruction of its and the world environment. This environmental threat poses a threat to Canadian beliefs and values. Russian opposition to the expansion of NATO will continue and may lead to an accelerated modernization of its military to counter any threat from the west. This would likely lead to even closer ties between Russia and China, as they try to counter the 'unipolarity' of the United States. Western nations, including Canada, would be hard pressed to counter this threat due to the downsizing of there militaries as part of the 'peace dividend.' The Russian military is still large, but facing a deterioration in the state of its equipment, and a crisis in command and control. The control and accountability of Russian nuclear weapons should be of major concern to the world. Russian peacekeeping efforts in its 'near abroad' could lead to Russia becoming involved in another protracted war causing major instability in the region. This could spread, drawing Canada into the conflict as a member of the Atlantic Alliance. If Russia's military is forced to take over the political structure as predicted by the Strategic Studies Institute, then Canada will be facing the same threat as during the Cold War. 111 Last printed 9/4/2009 7:00:00 PM Oil DDW 2...
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