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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 February 24, 2008 415 Words Queering the Pitch The word queer has become with synonymous with the phenomenon that occurs when something in today’s society has varied from the norm. However, to use the word queer in relation to music is either highly inappropriate or necessary according to who you are talking to. If you were asking Wayne Koestenbom or Elizabeth Wood they would argue that the queer aesthetic is an essential part of music. In his essay, “Queering the Pitch: A Posy of Definitions and Impersonations”, Koestenbom discusses why a queer aspect must be a part of some music and the importance of this aspect. Koestenbom states that just like there are people in the world who are born musicality inclined there are people in the world who are born queer. This means mean that there must be people who are born both musically inclined who are also queer so there must be music that has queer aspects to it. Koestenbom argues that when you leave out the queer
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