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Nick Piccirillo LIT 1933 August 31, 2007 142 Words (Revised Version) Tim O’Brien’s Opinion on War Stories Everyone has had the experience of telling a story and then ending it with the phrase: “you would have had to have been there to understand.” Whether it’s a story about a comical situation or a tale about a strange turn of events this statement always proves itself true through the blank expressions or stares of confusion of the teller’s captive audience. In no case is this circumstance more prevalent than in the telling of war stories. In “If I Die in a Combat Zone”, Tim O’Brien discusses this very phenomenon. Tim O’Brien conveys his opinion that it is impossible to truly understand a war story unless you have experienced war first hand. Tim O’Brien portrays this idea by stating facts and obvious truths about war but never fully explaining his own personal feelings about each of the images he presents or by explaining how he believes the audience should react. Phrases like “Men die”, “Fear hurts and humiliates”,
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